Oh Brother: That's Sharp PR!

17th August 2011

In the depths of an eerie cemetery in the heart of North London, the sounds of steel clashing on steel echoed from the bowels of a crumbling chapel where robed figures ghosted between shadows. This was where we led five of the UK’s bravest media to face the warrior priest who would train them in the archaic art of sword and buckler, a fighting method first recorded by a cleric in the 13th century.

We wanted to show our media; recruits from Yahoo! Movies, Bleeding Cool, HeyUGuys, Den of Geek and video production company UpBeat, that fighting clergy was nothing new and that these basic skills could have been the fundamentals learnt by the vampire hunting heroes in the action-blockbuster Priest.

Our ‘Warriors Priests in Training’ took to their lessons with gusto, whether through desire or fear of their mighty Sacerdos from the London Longsword Academy, it was hard to say - but they’re sure to be filing features that cut straight to the point, ahead of the film’s release on 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD in September.